Through Korea’s first automatic
bidding system Auction sites

Business summary

Yahoo Japan Auction, USA and Germany Ebay etc.
Based on the auction service through overseas online auction and the purchase agency service through online shopping malls such as Japan Rakuten, USA and China Amazon
We also provide various platform services such as B2B, B2C and B2B2C.
Currently, we are carrying out global business through four regional offices in Japan, USA, Germany and China.



Overseas proxy purchase service


Overseas auction agency

You can participate in real-time online auctions such as USA / Germany eBay, Japan Yahoo! Auctions, etc., and you can safely purchase goods using safe and prompt payment and delivery system.

Overseas purchase agency

 By using BIDBUY KOREA, you can easily order items from the E-commerce sites in the U.S., Japan, and China that would be difficult to get in Korea. From fashion and general merchandise to machines and cars, for any items that can pass customs clearance, all products can be purchased by proxy.

Proxy export

For companies that desire export or import, we’ll use our local experience and know-how at BIDBUY to offer a one-stop service from consulting about overseas sales and market research to sales and purchases.

Motor proxy purchase

From cars and motorcycles to ships that can’t be loaded into a container, from local purchases to international delivery, we have specialized operators who can provide individual consolutation and estimates.