For users around the world who love Japan,
we offer a one-stop service for Japanese Internet shopping.

Business Summary

DEJAPAN is a proxy company offering a one-stop service for Japanese Internet shopping to overseas users..

At DEJAPAN’s site, we cover everything from searching, ordering, and payment to overseas delivery (3PL). We offer the first commission-free one-stop service in the industry.


DEJAPAN Advantages

  Our proxy service is a personal import proxy site that allows overseas users to buy Japanese products and cultural items.


Agency service

We’re expanding our service so that overseas customers can proxy purchase in a simpler and more inexpensive way. If purchasing from overseas is simple with the help of a proxy service intermediary, selling from Japan should also be simple.

Simple overseas sales

Japanese businesses can use our proxy service site to connect with an already estabilshed Japanese item fan base. We can respond to their sales needs with our “Simple Cross-border E-commerce” feature, which makes sales abroad easy.

Please make use of the opportunity for simple, overseas interaction and sales.